The Dangers Of Psychic Readings

There are many types of psychic readings. Some of the most common are: astrological readings, online readings, palm readings, and tarot card readings.

Although they can be insightful, any type of psychic reading of your past, present, or future can be dangerous.

Around 10 years ago, my grandmother had an astrological reading done for me. I never asked for a reading, and when I was told about it, I was devastated.

The psychic reader told her I had marks on my arms, specifically around my wrists. It frightened me since it was true. I knew he was referring to my self harm scars, something my grandma never knew about.

He also said I would be unhappy with my life if I didn’t have an arranged marriage. This was something I really did not want to hear, since I’m against arranged marriages. I wanted true love and romance, not a husband picked for me who I’d have to learn to love.

This reading left me unsure and upset. The psychic reader had been right about my scars, so what if he was right about marriage. There was no way I would ever accept having an arranged marriage, but what if that was my only chance of happiness.

I rebelled against this foreseen future and chose my own path. But I was also anxious and afraid. I kept hearing a little voice in my head saying, “If you don’t have an arranged marriage, you’re going to be unhappy”. My anxiety and fear developed into paranoia and depression.

Seven years later I met my SO, and soon after we were engaged. Although I was happy, I was suffering. I still had severe anxiety and depression. And borderline personality disorder, which I am currently recovering from. Thanks to my psychic reading, I can’t help but wonder if my suffering is a result of my choice to not have an arranged marriage.

When I think logically, my suffering from BPD can be explained by childhood trauma. As for the anxiety and depression that started after the psychic reading, well the reading is the cause of that. Not because it is true, but because it made me believe that my only choice was something that is against what I want in love and life.

The validity of all psychic reading can be contested. No matter how much truth there may be in a reading, you should never believe what is said as absolute or fact. It can have a negative effect on your mental health. You could develop anxiety, depression, paranoia, or worse.

If you are easily influenced, you could also become dependent or even addicted to readings. In doing so, you could lose your sense of self and solely rely on them to determine what you do in life. Ultimately, you could lose your free will.

It’s okay to have a psychic reading done for fun (if you still want to), but you should always be wary and never believe the results to be 100% accurate.


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