8 Reasons Why Dogs Have Earned The Title “Man’s Best Friend”

Written by MJ @slothspeedrecovery & S. K. Bosak @borderlinemama.

As human beings with natural social instincts, we often lose ourselves in the everyday process and crowds of people and society, trying to locate our social status. While we associate with other human beings, and seek validation from society, we can become disconnected from the things and creatures that really matter. We come home to them every day, kiss their noses and feed them off our plates. They haven’t let us down, but somehow we seem to forget their importance. Here are the 8 reasons as to why dogs have earned the title “Man’s best friend”.

1. Dogs Don’t Judge


An animal is not conditioned by societal norms and statements that are deemed normal. A dog’s reality is most likely your reality, especially if they have been your pet since their early stages. They know no other reality but yours, and are understanding of what is their world; which is you. They can comprehend your feelings and your struggles, as they most likely spend the most time with you in comparison to anyone or any other animal.

2. They Are Great Listeners


For those moments where you are not seeking someone’s input, and truly just need someone to listen, they will not interrupt. They may approach you, lean their head on your lap and provide you with much needed kisses and embraces, and in this, it is evident that they are here for you, here to love you and appreciate your existence. With love, they will provide you the comfort you require and be the best ear you’ve ever spoken to and the comfiest shoulder you’ve ever cried upon.

3. Your Emotions Won’t Go Unnoticed


An animal, nevertheless a dog, can simply comprehend the various emotions you feel. They observe the characteristics of your behaviors and show compassion towards the wounded. They, too, feel similar emotions to us; anger, sadness, loneliness, depression, etc. The energy you give off will affect your dog, and lead them to try to comfort you. If you suffer from a mental illness, the physical symptoms of your emotional state lets off an aura to your dog, and they will be there to support you.

4. They Will Give You Comfort


In the life of the mentally ill, an individual can find themself overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness, isolation and feeling misunderstood by the general public and their peers. The thought of being alone can terrorize even the most hermit of individuals, leading them vulnerable and lost. The presence of a creature who understands you and wants to spend their time with you, will remind you of your value in this world. Whether it be to loved ones, to the planet and your career, or just to your dog, you will be exposed to the cold hard truth that you, too, are loved so indefinitely.

5. Dogs Are Natural Protectors


Just like wolves, dogs will defend and protect their pack. They view their human family as “one of us” and will instinctively protect them, no matter what the cost. A dog will look up to their owner as the alpha of their pack; and with the right training, know their place when it comes to other members of the family. If you have kids, your dog views them as the pups of the pack. They will protect them, and tolerate their childish behavior. All in all, dogs are naturally loyal and protective companions. They can detect dangers a lot faster than you can. So if you or another family member are ever in peril, you can be sure your dog will have your back.

6. You Won’t Be Isolated


All dogs love, and need, to go out for walks. If you’re the kind of person who tends to keep to themself, taking your dog for walks can help you overcome your isolation. It can be very beneficial if depression, or a type of anxiety such as agrophobia is holding you back from venturing outside your home. You have the chance to socialize with other dog walkers in the park, and may find yourself having conversations with complete strangers on the street. Overall, you’ll feel a lot more confident and get plenty of exercise.

7. They Give You A Purpose


When you own a dog, you gain a new sense of purpose. You are needed and are responsible for their health and wellbeing. Having and acting on this responsibility is not only beneficial for your dog. It can help boost your self-esteem, and teach you to become a calm, patient and selfless person. This new sense of purpose can also  improve your mental health. It can prevent, or help you fight against, depression and other mental illness.

8. Your Dog Can Bring You Happiness


It’s been scientifically proven that owning a dog will make you happier. That warm feeling you get in your heart, when you see or think of your dog, is because their love is unconditional. Every time you come home, you dog is always the first to greet you. That happy face and wagging tail is bound to make you feel happy. If not, the lovely slobbery smooches will do the trick. Ultimately, interacting with your dog makes you feel good and reduces stress.


As you can see, dogs are amazing creatures. They have so much to offer us and expect nothing in return. Not only are they loyal and faithful companions, their intelligence gives them the power to help us. Some dogs provide service and assistance to the disabled. Others have jobs in therapy as a source of comfort. A few assist in herding, hunting and pulling loads. And many work for the army, police, and search and rescue.

But in all honesty, us human beings don’t deserve our furry friends. They are such loving creatures; yet many are abused, abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Some are lucky enough to be taken in by a new family, or an animal shelter. But too many suffer a heartbreaking fate. If you are thinking about getting a dog, consider adoption. There are so many sweet dogs in shelters ready to give their love, and waiting be loved again.


We hope you enjoyed reading this post. You can read more blog posts by MJ on her blog site Sloth Speed Recovery. Borderline Mama and Sloth Speed Recovery will be collaborating on many more posts in the future.

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